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Toolkits for video generation and processing

Generate a video from a set of images

generate a video using imageio (pip installable), input the image folder, video output path, frame size and fps and output the video

import cv2
import numpy as np
import os, glob
import argparse
import imageio
from PIL import Image

def images_to_video(image_folder, video_path, frame_size=(1920, 1080), fps=30):
images = sorted([img for img in os.listdir(image_folder) if img.endswith(".png") or img.endswith(".jpg") or img.endswith(".jpeg")])

if not images:
print("No images found in the specified directory!")

writer = imageio.get_writer(video_path, fps=fps)

for image in images:
img_path = os.path.join(image_folder, image)
img = imageio.imread(img_path)

if img.shape[1] > frame_size[0] or img.shape[0] > frame_size[1]:
print("Warning: frame size is smaller than the one of the images.")
print("Images will be resized to match frame size.")
img = np.array(Image.fromarray(img).resize(frame_size))


print("Video created successfully!")